Communication Is A Key Factor In Long Term Relationships

While physical attraction may draw you close to a person, and their personality may make you adore them, communication is a key aspect of relationships that cannot be ignored. Miscommunication between couples is one of the main reasons that break-ups occur. In this article, we'll discuss some of the aspects of conversation that you need to pay close attention to in order to ensure that your relationship will be happy and successful. First and foremost, being a good listener is a necessity in a relationship.

The more that your loved one understands that you are truly listening to them and appreciating the things that they tell you, the more open that they will be with you when discussing not-so-popular topics. One good way of ensuring a solid line of communication in a relationship is to set aside a ten to twenty minute period once a day to let each other know what's on your mind. By doing this, you can help yourselves to getting possible problems off of your chest before they grow into unsolvable issues. When you have this daily discussion, it's important to put aside all distractions.

Turn the television off, leave your cellular phone elsewhere, and be sure that the room is free of distraction, ensuring that you hold your partners attention. One good practice that is commonly used in conversation is to respond with both body language and spoken language when your partner tells you something. Affirm what they were saying by repeating back what you took from what they said, and use positive body language to show them that you truly want to know what they have to say. Secondly, you need to realize that men and women talk in very different ways.

If you are a woman who is discussing your feelings with a male partner, it's important to not capitalize on the conversation and continue talking in a stream. When communicating with men, it's best to deal with the situation by offering small chunks of what you need to say and then giving him an opportunity to make mention of any details that he may need to discuss. One important factor to realize regarding the differences of men and women in conversation is what we are looking for from the people that are listening to us. Women often look for sympathetic conversation, appreciating most when others help them to understand that the problem they have affects other people as well.

Men are more problem-solving when it comes to conversation, and they are often quick to offer an idea for fixing whatever situation abounds as opposed to offering sympathies. This can anger women who feel that the man is not fully paying attention to what they are saying and suggesting an answer too quick. Understanding this aspect of our social psychology is important to understanding the differences we face in communication.

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