Decorating for Your Orchid Wedding

You have decided that you wish to use orchids for all your decorating needs at your wedding, but how do you start? The answer is quite simple. First, you must decide where you Orchid wedding will be held. If you plan to have your wedding in Hawaii, then you will be glad to know that you will find several unique and beautiful orchids that can be used for your wedding. Here you will be able to use a variety of colorful and magnificent Hawaiian orchids for your decorations. However, if you are going to have a winter wedding in the US, you will have to search for artificial flowers.

Do not be alarmed. You can find many unique and wonderful silk orchids that look as beautiful as the real ones. Now, that you know what flowers you will use, real or silk, now is the time to think about decorating. Real flowers will wilt, so they will not last as long as silk flowers. Therefore, you may wish to use both.

This way you can create many of the decorations prior to the wedding with silk orchids. An arch decorated with tropical orchids is a very popular accessory that is not only beautiful but is romantic as well. Many couples love the idea of saying their own written vows in a tropical setting even if they cannot be in Hawaii. An arch decorated with unique and exquisite silk orchids can do the trick. All you have to do is find an arch either metal or plastic.

You can use white gauge to cover up any of the metal that you do not wish to be seen. The rest is quite easy. Purchase silk orchids, silk babys breath, and silk tropical ferns. Now, you can do wonders with that plain arch. You can also use different colored ribbons to either color coordinate with the orchids you have chosen or use contrasting colors to bring out the color of the orchids. Along with your orchid arch, you can have your bouquet, bridesmaids flowers, and the flowers that the flowergirl scatters, and even the pillow for the wedding rings matching the orchids.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your wedding with exquisite and unique orchids. Use your imagination and create a wedding that is your own and one that will last in the hearts of those that are present.

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