Four Eyes Verses Two

When born, most people have two eyes that function pretty well. They are to see our parents and other aspects of God's creation. These things concern to things which you can physically see. However, as we grow up and become adults, a new vision needs to be developed and mapped out. This vision I am referring to is the perceived life road map for your future.

When we were in high school, the pressure was on us that, what you wanted to do with your life? You have your parents encouraging you to go to college on one end. In the other end, you may have heard military officials trying to recruit into service. However, every person should be able to develop their own goals with a little assistance from a mentor and most importantly from God.

This type of goal involves strategies to help one person reach a desired target. However, what happens when a person gets married? When you get married, you not only have to take care of the daily jobs such as cooking meals but you also have to have a road map for your future together. Now, some couples discuss the road map before they get married. That is what I would recommend. However, for those who are married and haven't thought about it until now, you are not too late.

For those who are not sure what a marriage vision is, let me help you out. It is simply two life plans merged into one or four eyes instead of two. It may take a person weeks or months to develop the marriage vision. The most important thing is that you have one for your marriage.

Why is a marriage vision needed? Glasses are to eyes as the written life plan is to a married couple. Without the vision, you may stumble through life and may even get lost. Like playing the dart game, you may miss your target if you don't aim correctly. According to the divine order set by God, most decisions made in relationship to the vision should be finalized by the husband.

The reason for this is that God has set the man to be the head of the woman. If God is leading that man and the husband is walking with God, God will help the man see to it that the marriage vision is fulfilled. Wives are able to assist their husbands in creating the vision.

If your husband is walking according to the verses in Ephesians 5, he will take your needs and desires into consideration. So, husband and wives, pray about what the vision is, write it down and make sure that it includes time frames. Habakkuk talks about in Chapter 2 verve 4.

I encourage you to read it for yourselves.

For more on a marriage vision and how to construct one, go to Receive coaching services to help you construct a vision statement and solve other marital problems. You will not regret it. Avoid stumbling through life with your spouse today!

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