Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths have pioneered hair extensions technology. They are sought after by A-list celebrities such as J Lo, Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta Jones. This is because Great Lengths create the most natural looking and undetectable results.

Using the world's finest human hair, Great Lengths is the only extensions company that sources and processes it's own hair to guarantee its origin and quality. While other hair extensions are applied through bonding, gluing, welding etc. These techniques often damage your natural hair where as Great Lengths uses a more gentle approach; the extensions are attached using a technique known as modulating. This method of attachment is highly technical. The attachment process involves bonding the Great Lengths hair extension strands to your own hair using a protein called Keratin.

This protein is composed of polymer chains and has a molecular structure that is very similar to that of human hair. Great Lengths hair extensions can only be attached by professionals and should always be removed only by professionals. If you do decide to go ahead and invest in some of these excellent hair extensions then you will have a consultation with your stylist before the date that your extensions are due to go in. During this consultation you will have an in depth discussion with your stylist to determine your suitability of hair extensions. It is during this consultation that you will determine the style, colour and length of your hair extensions, you will also be introduced to the aftercare products for your extensions such as shampoo, conditioner, de-tangle spray and hair serum.

When your extensions have been applied your hair will be cut and styled to complete your new look. These extensions can be used to add colour, length or volume for a dramatic transformation. Great Lengths extensions use only the highest quality human hair that has been colour treated ensuring that you get your exact colour match. This human hair is in virgin condition and comes from an Indian Temple where the hair is cut in a marital, religious ceremony in the Temples of India.

Optimal for the manufacturing of hair extensions, this delicate process insures that the human hair strands are cut with every hair's cuticle layers all facing the same direction from root to end, therefore, do not tangle. Many people worry about how to look after their hair extensions once they has been put in place; can I treat them like my own hair? Will they fall out? Yes you can treat these extensions like your own hair, you can style them just like you do to your own hair and they can last up to six months. The question of whether they will fall out is no they won't; you will however lose several strands of hair on a daily basis meaning the extensions will gradually get thinner as time goes on but this won't affect the overall appearance of your extensions so isn't something that needs to be worried over. If you are considering getting hair extensions then opt for Great Lengths hair extensions, they are of the best quality around.

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