How To Pick Up A Woman On The Street

I bet you see loads of women everyday that you wish you could talk to. You know.the attractive, confident and interesting type but you just know she wouldn't even look twice at you. You may think that you would never be able to meet a girl like this because she is either out or your league or you just don't know what to say to her . but I do and I am going to show you how you can get her number.

Lets first look at what happens when you see an attractive woman. First, you think she is wonderful wish you had the opportunity to talk to her. Secondly, you start to think about it, get really nervous and desperately try to build up your confidence get over there and say something to her. But because you don't really know what you should do or say, you watch the opportunity slip away as she crosses the street or drives out of sight and you wish you had gone and spoken to her.even if it was just a "Hey, what's up?" You must understand there is no reason for not talking to her.

Attractive women have men who whistle at her and stare two holes in her ass many times each day. Women of sheer beauty are sick of men like that.what she wants is an interesting guy that can talk to her without immediately staring at her ass or asking for her number right away. Attractive women get 'hit on' and 'asked out' all the time, so what makes you think you can get any further if you are just like everybody else? Remember, you need to be different! Now listen carefully: the woman you want to meet and pick up at the street corner over there already had countless nice guys come over to her in her lifetime and tell her how beautiful she looks and ask if they can have permission to talk to her. She is sick of these guys.

If you want to be successful and get her phone number you need to have a different approach. Let me show you how: You have to think of something funny or interesting to say to her. Don't be nice, don't pay her a compliment and don't tell her that "I noticed you from over there and just had to come over and talk to you".

Everybody does that. What you need to do is push her emotional trigger buttons that create attraction. And how do you do that? By being slightly arrogant but funny at the same time.also called being CHEEKY! All you have to do is open your mouth when you are near her or when she is just passing you .

and continue talking so she stops dead in her tracks. If you get a woman's attention, she will just look at you . but if you keep talking, she will stop right in front of you. And if you can turn up the heat by being cheeky, she will get attracted in an instant.

and get hooked just like that. So the first thing you do is say "HEY!" or "HI!".then continue with "Hey listen . I need your female opinion about something" This automatically disarms the "oh, not another guy" syndrome in her mind because you come off as different.

Then, you just ask her anything that will make her curious, interested and is a great platform for teasing her to get her attracted. "HEY! . Listen, c'mere for a second. I need your female opinion about something. I'm having some difficulties here . what the hell is the difference between a G-String, and a Thong? I'm supposed to buy this pink thingy for my cousin and I have NO Idea.

I think you women are deliberately trying to confuzzle us guys." Just keep playing, teasing and busting her balls until she says "What's your name?" . that's the point where you can tell a woman got attracted to you, and once that happens she is willing to give you her number if you keep it up being cheeky for another 3-5 minutes.

Being successful in the dating game is very simple . IF you know how it works :) Keep it up!.

Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

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