Is Money And Anxiety Ruining Your Marriage

Your wife will probably know there is something wrong with you that requires you to go see a Dr long before you even thing about it. Men who are not married have a significantly lower life expectancy then men who are married. Most couples will experience some financial ups and downs at some point in their relationship. That is perfectly normal, but what really matters is how you deal with them.

As a couple you must communicate your feelings , even the negative ones, with each other or they will sit there and fester until they explode. If your spouse is already the type of person who suffers from some stress related problems then now is the time for you to be watching their behavior closer than ever before. There is nothing that can pile on the stress like a job loss and all the financial woes that follow.

This could well be the tipping point when the moments of anxiety will turn into a full blown anxiety or panic attack. As the number of job losses and foreclosures rise so will the number of divorces and separations, but you do not have to become a statistic. How will you know if the financial pressures are pushing your partner towards an anxiety attack? Well you should be able to notice changes in the way they behave around you and also the way they behave in the lead up to social situations and during the social situations themselves. There is no shame to having feelings of anxiety and even panic, the only shame is if you know your partner is suffering and you don't do anything to help them deal with it. When you work together you have a much better chance of dealing with the anxiety and the root cause of it earlier and with less pain than if you just ignore it and hope it goes away.

If you don't discuss the anxiety that is affecting your spouse then they will not get better and it will carry on building up to a point where it will come out as a full blown anxiety attack that could end up with them in an emergency ward. Ignoring the situation will not make it go away. Financial problems can put you through some very scary times and they can be a major contributing factor to causing anxiety and panic attacks as well as other forms of mental illness. We advise people to go see a Dr or medical professional for their anxiety but it is also worth asking if the Dr knows of any volunteer groups that have financial experts who can offer you advice as well.

Your marriage is worth saving, make the effort to get help for all your problems.

Get my story of how anxiety affected my relationships and my life in the Anxiety Book. There are many sites about supposed anxiety cures but many tell their own life story.

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