Learn How You Can Develop and Keep A Long Distance Relationship

Engaging in a long-distance relationship is very challenging! To be up to it, take on the task of sending meaningful messages to your loved one on a regular basis. Use the instant messengers like AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. to keep your love life hopping, long distance.

You have relative privacy and can reinforce the width and depth of your love this way. Try to IM each day and night! Be really creative by writing a letter or finding a picture of something you have shared together. Paste the letter/picture to a piece of cardboard and then cut it into several puzzle pieces. Send your long distance love a few pieces every other day in the mail and once he or she has completed the puzzle send a dozen roses in celebration! Have someone take pictures of yourself and create a handmade calendar. Use card paper and glue a colorful border on each piece.

Color copy it and enlarge the pictures, pasting them on the paper. Print out boxes on the computer for the days and decorate each week or month. Tie them all together with a fancy ribbon and send it to him or her in the mail. Your loved one will not forget you! Send your loved one letters sprayed with your perfume/cologne. Soak pieces of material with your scent and include those and it will last forever! If you can't be there to share a special moment, send your long distance love dinner by calling a restaurant where he/she lives and have them deliver your love's favorite meal.

Use your computer cam to enjoy the meal together! Instead of sending your love a hand-written letter this week, send a blank tape and microphone, and tell them your greatest desire for them when you next meet. They can listen to the tape whenever they want to hear your voice. Send a package with a tape of the songs you listened to together the last time you were together. Send some of his or her favorite candy, and something memorable like a little stuffed toy. Tell them how much they are missed and how you think of them constantly! It's a great way to let your love know you're thinking about them despite the distance. Surprise your loved one by arranging for a delivery of their favorite flowers! Attach a handwritten card professing your love for them! This is always a beautiful surprise! Design a webpage in your love's honor.

Dedicate the page to your relationship and include poetry, thoughts, pictures, romantic messages, the story of how you met, and all other details to make them smile. Send your partner a virtual love card. Once you have their email address you are all set! Send them regularly! Save a record of all of your email over your long-distance relationship. Once you have accumulated a full years worth, print them all out and separate them by month.

For every month, make a cover page that summarizes all of the important and sentimental things that you have done together. Include pictures taken, too. Have all of the pages bound into a hard-covered book, and give it a title, like "Love Abounds" inscribed on the cover.

This will become a treasured keepsake!.

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