Online Dating Agencies and How They Helped Me

Astute (and older) folks out there will remember the goofy computer dating services of the 1970s and 1980s. These services allegedly owned a computer that had both the power to blow ICBM missiles out of the sky and match a lonely hearts club fan member with the one. (How loathsome is that banal phrase the one?) While it is doubtful that any of these services actually had the Colossus: The Forbin Project style computer that they claimed, they did own those huge 3/4 videotape players were people could watch tapes of potential dates. These dating services died to newspaper classified ads and now everything has evolved into online dating services. Online dating services, unlike the silly ones of yeas past, actually work.

The reason for this is there is no disconnect between everyday activity and the older versions of dating services. People use the Internet every day and communicate on cat rooms every day. So, to use an online dating agency is not a something they will have a tough time accepting and navigating. So, online dating agencies are easily accepted.

People do not feel odd using them. As a result, the number of people who are using the online dating agencies swells into high numbers. There are millions of people who use online dating agencies. The sheer volume of people who swear by them is immense enough to elicit a de facto endorsement of the services. In short, if one is looking for a companion, online dating agencies are a wise choice. Dating agencies and I were like chalk and cheese.

In fact, I was someone who would talk at length against dating agencies in my debates and group discussions in college. Now, I must admit that if it were not for a dating agency I would have done something quite terrible with my life. I owe it to dating agencies for helping me find love and instilling the zest to live once again.

I had a terrible breakup with a man whom I was dating for three years. I was so madly in love with him that I did not even realize that he was two-timing me with his wife tucked safely in England. Since then, I felt used and dumped, and could not even think of getting involved with any man again. The trauma of a broken relationship pushed me to the brink of being an alcohol addict. I felt desolate and hurt.

My friend, who had always stood by me, recommended that I visit a dating agency with an open mind. I told her that I was longing for a long term relationship and did not want to submit my life to an institution which would make a business out of my life. However, I decided to give it a try.

I found the concept of online dating safe and interesting. That did not mean I gave in easily. I took my own time searching for some of the best online dating sites.

One of the dating agencies that I registered with gave me interesting profiles of members who looked tailor made for me. I started with the intention of starting a friendship with like-minded people and then taking it from there on. Apart from the user-friendly options of the website, I also liked the interesting tips and articles on dating. I began to strike a chord with some like-minded friends and a couple of guys whom I found quite friendly and good natured. I began to chat online with them and took a fancy to one person who was a painter and a journalist.

I read his articles and found his views on various topics quite interesting. I would look forward to meeting him and would always stay hooked online chatting with him during free hours. He gave me my space, was non-intrusive and at the same time caring. I began to like his online company, and I began to stay away from the bottle. After two months, I sent him my picture and hoped against hope that he would still continue chatting with me. I was amazed to find that he began to like me even more.

He sent me his picture and I liked what I saw. Soon, we began to meet in person and date. Life has changed for the better for both of us. I am totally in support of dating agencies now. They help people get connected by their thoughts and views rather than just physical characteristics. This is just my view, but I am sure many agree with the privacy factor offered by dating agencies. 100% free dating site and matchmaking service for singles. Plus provides free dating forum with dating tips and advices.

Dating Online

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