Powerful Steps for Meeting Women on MySpace

Want to know an incredibly unique way to meet attractive women in your area? Well in the next few paragraphs, I'm going to reveal a completely free tool you can use to meet single and attractive women located within a few miles from your house. Let me explain. Unless you've lived in a cave over the past couple of years you've probably of the social networking site called MySpace.

Right now thousands even millions of people use this site to connect with friends and network with like-minded individuals. In fact, many bands and comedians have built their careers solely from the exposure they received on MySpace. However there is more to this site then just networking and listening to music. In fact, I've personally found this site is an excellent resource for meeting women.

With a few clicks you can sort through dozens of available women in your area who are interested in dating and relationships. But before you jump online and start contacting different girls, you should know the best way to get the most out of your MySpace dating efforts. In this article, I'll provide a five part system for identifying and contacting women on MySpace that'll make you stand out from the other guys who use this site.

Here we go. Step 1- Only contact available women On your MySpace profile there is a tool which allows you to choose what type of person you're looking for. These four options include friends, networking, dating or relationships. My advice is to ONLY contact girls who are actively looking for dating or relationships. That way you won't be wasting your time or pestering women who don't want to talk. Step 2- Beware of scams Right now MySpace is populated with people trying to run scams on other users.

If you don't protect yourself, you could be wasting your time or even fall prey to a criminal. It works like this, a person (usually a guy) creates a profile, inserts a pretty picture, then urges you to check out "her" private site. Somewhere during this process you have to give up your credit card number to "talk to her privately". Obviously any "woman" who wants you to "check out her site" won't be interested in dating you.

He or she is trying to promote a website and doesn't care about your intentions for getting a date. The rule of thumb is you should any profile that has references to a website. Step 3- Make your profile stand out If you're serious about meeting women through MySpace you have to make your profile is interesting and unique.

That means it should be stand out from other guys and give off the impression that you're a fun person to know. Bottom line is your profile should project a certain type of attitude. So what is this attitude? Well you want to appear as a guy with high social status. In other words, it should demonstrate that your life is exciting, you have a lot of friends and you're an important guy to know.

In addition, your photos should be completely flawless. In fact, I recommend you get a professional photo done of yourself Step 4- Pay attention to her profile Let's be honest here, if you're using MySpace to meet women the first thing you'll look at are her pics. However if you're serious about wanting to contact women through this site, you have to pay attention to her profile and find out more about her. In essence, you want to discover her interests, hobbies and the other things that make her unique. All of this information can be used to spark conversation, without resorting to the "You're hot, we should talk" line. Step 5- Contact her with confidence Once you feel like you know a little bit about this girl, you should contact her.

Now one mistake many guys make when they contact a woman is to act like a wuss or an idiot. What you want to do is make your message stand out. In other words, be a confident person and talk to her like she's already your best friend. My point is you want to establish yourself as a guy with high social status. Don't beg her to talk to you.

Instead focus on presenting yourself as somebody she would WANT to meet. If you want to attract women through Myspace, you have to know what you're doing. Good looking women on MySpace are constantly being bombarded with guys pestering them for dates. So if you want to meet them and get them interested, you have to find a way to stand out.

If you pay attention to the five steps I discussed in this article, you'll become the guy who women want to meet on MySpace.

Want to know more ways to meet and attract women? If so, grab a copy of Scott Patterson's free report: Seduction Secrets...Revealed!, and learn a step-by-step system for approaching and attracting beautiful women everywhere you go.

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