Relationship Management How To Spend Next Valentines With The Same Girl

More often than not I'm asked advice from guys looking to get the girl rather than how to 'keep' one. Whether you're single or currently unavailable, the traits of an attractive alpha male will take you from attracting her from the outset to keeping her interested enough in you to maintain a long term relationship. If you're already in a relationship then keep reading if you want to know the secrets to keeping your squeeze. 1.

Have Purpose And Lead An Interesting Life There isn't much more attractive to women than a strong, decisive man who is control of and leads his own independent, purposeful and rich life so have goals and ambitions that you're constantly working towards achieving whilst bettering yourself and the quality of your life at the same time. Love your work or have hobbies you enjoy. Those men that are drifting through life without striving to better themselves convey a lack of ambition and confidence and are ultimately less attractive to women.

Despite Hollywood depicting the most romantic scenarios as those where star crossed lovers give each other their all in the real world your beau will be turned off at your neediness. 2. Be Your Own Man Always be aware that at the start of any blossoming relationship one thing that is certain to be on the woman's mind is how she can change her partner to fit her perceived ideals. If there are aspects of your lifestyle or personality that she suggests changing for the collective good of both of you (and society at large if you lack basic grooming skills) then do respect her opinions and suggestions. But, be sure not to sway to her every whim because the second she believes she has changed you into the man she thinks she wants you to be, she will lose all attraction for you as a dominant, independent Alpha male.

Men in that situation are almost always in the frame of being the 'chooser'- the one that has the choice of whether or not to be with this girl by constantly reviewing whether or not she measures up to the standards that he has set as acceptable of any women in his life. 3. Be Dominant And Lead If you find yourself always at the beck and call of the woman/women in your life: "What would you like to do tonight, dear?" etc., then stop immediately! Women, by nature, are not very effective decision makers leaving that role up to you. Try taking the lead more often and deciding where to eat, what to do on weekends etc. and notice how much more attractive you appear to her.

A good example would be birthdays: instead of asking her what she would like or what she'd like to do, show some initiative and surprise her. 4. Be Unpredictable Relationships that full into a rut where every eventuality is planned for- meet for drinks after work on Friday, watch DVD together with Indian take away etc.- are most often those that fade pretty quickly. Variety is the spice of life, so mix things up and keep the tempo on high.

Appear distant for a fortnight then suddenly plan a sequence of special surprises to keep her on her toes- women adore surprises and spontaneity is exciting. Of course this rule also applies in the bedroom! 5. Know The Process: Comfort Then Seduce By expressing sexual interest in a woman from the off, without prior indication that she is attracted to you, you put massive amounts of pressure on the interaction and in the worst case scenario can come across as sleazy. Keep things light until she is comfortable enough in your prescence for you to smoothly transition to seducing her.

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