Should I Get Back Together With My Ex Guidelines You Can Follow

Perhaps one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is whether you should get back with your ex. There are times whereby after a breakup, people's first reaction is to think of how to get back with their ex. However, for some of them, it may be better for them to move on instead of staying in a relationship that will not benefit both parties. With that said, in order to decide whether you should get back with your ex, there are no hard and fast rules. Here are a few guidelines that you may find helpful, depending on your situation.

You can consider getting back with you ex if: 1) You initiated the break up and regretted it. Perhaps you did it during a heated argument and you regretted it. Yet, both of you still have feelings for each other. 2) He/she initiated the break up but you can sense that he/she regretted his/her decision.

He/she has the intention of getting back with you. Most importantly, both of you still cared deeply for each other. 3) You have done something terribly wrong, like infidelity. You regretted doing it but you have made the decision that you will never do it again. Perhaps, it is fair enough to ask for a second chance.

You should ask your partner for forgiveness and make sure you stick to your promise. Of course, it will depend on whether he/she accepts it. You are not advised to get back with you ex if: 1) You think you need him/her.

That's why you want to get back. However, it is not true that you need him/her. Before you ever known him/her, you have been very much alive too. 2) He/she has abused you physically or verbally before.

You will never know whether this will happen again in the relationship. Just because your ex promises that he will not do that again doesn't mean he will keep his promise. 3) He/she is involved in an affair. If he/she has just committed it once due to a moment of folly, perhaps it is fair enough to give him/her one more chance. Of course, the decision will still lie with you.

You really can't guarantee that he/she won't do it again. However, if you are betrayed again and again, it is much better to get out of this relationship. You deserved someone who will appreciate you and is faithful to you.

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