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The history of online dating websites dates back to the 20th century. In 1999, Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo came up with speed dating as a platform for the young Jewish professionals to meet and chat online. The purpose behind the Jewish online dating website was simple - the young Jewish professionals would meet someone of their choice and get married within the community. Online dating is now becoming very common and people are now getting hooked onto the internet like bees onto a flower. Before you start dating online you need to be sure of what exactly you are looking for from this relationship. Whether it is to just have fun that you have come to have or you are looking for your soul mate.

People hosting such websites are earning so much money because people interested in dating are visiting there websites. Nowadays it has become a craze to date online. Many people have found there partner online and are happily living with each other. Those who are looking for their soul mate should not be in haste.

Give it some time and learn about the hobbies and interests of the person on the other side. This is very important because you don�t see the person on the other side and will know only by reading his/her thoughts through his/her words. So try not to disclose your personal information in the first few meetings and give away that only when you get assured that the person is genuine and gentle. When dating online you should be very careful while chatting and chat with only people having like interests. This will help you to take the relationship a long way.

Preferably it is better not to disclose all your personal information in the first meeting take time to first find out that the person you are chatting with is genuine and not someone trying to take advantage of you before you disclose any personal information about you. Before you start using such forums you need to make sure that you scrutinise the Jewish online dating websites to check which of them is best for you. Many offer a variety of such services in order to cater to such huge demands of the market. Yes most of the time you may end up with Mr Wrong so you must be careful and clear as to what you are looking for in this new relationship and the person you are getting to know. Jewish online dating websites are a boon to the Jews breaking the age-old traditions but still maintaining the core values, and enabling fellow Jews to find their soul mate within their own community.

Isaiah Henry is a online dating reviewer for, which gives singles free tips, comparisons and reviews on dating services. Visit the Dating Forum to dicuss online dating, relationships and love.

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