The Joy Of The Wedding Bells

Wedding bells ringing are the sound of celebration that tells the world that a bride and a groom have made their vows inside a church. The Wedding bells signal that these two personalities are ready to start a new life together. The Wedding bells ring as the couple walks down the aisle together at the end of the ceremony.

The bells may well be heard all around the area signaling this exhilarating moment. The bells add to the intuitive feeling of joyful celebration that each person in the congregation feels after the vows are concluded. Quite often, the couple leaves the church and stands outside to greet all of their invitees before they head off for the reception.

The Wedding bells are occasionally rung by one of the church officials. At other times, the churches have computerized bells that ring at the push of a button. The bells have diverse sounds depending on the design. Many of the people living within earshot of the bells are quite at home with the sounds of the bells, since these remind them of a delightful time even though they have not been invited to the ceremony. The bells are sounds that add to the joyful ambiance of the bridal ceremony. They could well be accompanied by other memorable sounds such as great singer, a church organ or different musical instruments depending on what has been arranged by the wedding couple.

Wedding bells have become a particular symbol of the ceremony, and lots of organizations that offer Wedding favors, invitations and other necessities have adopted the bells as part of their name. The expressions "Wedding bells" have become part of the actual company name for groups that cater for Wedding festivities. The bells add a subtle happy feeling to the advertisements of these firms.

In the mind of the reader, the sounds of the actual bells are linked with all of their ads. Wedding bells are also used as part of the name for other corporations connected with the joy of weddings. There is a chapel within Las Vegas named Wedding Bells Chapel plus a company web site that uses this expression to attract customers to their products. Wedding bells are symbols of the joyful sounds that perfectly match the photo of a happy couple in their Wedding outfits. These sounds of the Wedding bells ringing furthermore bring forth joyful expressions on the faces of the guests who watch them walk out the exit door of the church as a newly-married couple. A company that gives services or goods for weddings is wise to use this symbolic name of Wedding bells in some way.

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