The Rules Every Good Wingman Knows

Are you a good wingman? Do you enhance or stifle your friends interactions with women? What exactly does a good wingman do? The short definition is a good wingman helps his friends meet women, usually by engaging her friends, often making a romantic connection himself!

The short definition deserves more of an explanation of course. First and foremost wingmen help each other, they dont compete for women! Competing for women with your friends tells women that you dont have much going for you, you dont have good or very many friends and you are not very successful with women! That being said, how do you help your friends game and win your wings?

The first rule is you treat your friends like rock stars. When talking to women or anyone for that matter you should talk about your friends like they are the greatest friends one could have. Dont say, This is my friend Jon. Instead say, This is my friend Jon, Triathlete extraordinaire! Get it; share something unique and great about your friend, if you think their great so will the group of women your talking to.

Now, if your friend is the one interacting with a group of women first, sit back and wait a few minutes. Wait for him to get locked in a fun conversation, and then join the conversation. Once youre interacting with a group of women give your friend priority. Dont turn towards and give all your attention to the women.

You still want to talk to your friend and let them be apart of your conversation. You will see women do this; you dont abandon your friends for women. This will show you have status and a good social circle.

Now, when your friend and you have started talking to the individual women your targeting try to stay in sync.

This means if his girl isnt as into the interaction as yours, mention to your girl that her friend is being a little boring or weird, so you are thinking about leaving for your friends sake. She will give her friend a nudge to start being more fun so you guys dont take off.

Any physical escalation should take place in sync too.

No woman likes to look easy in front of her friends. If you are both progressing at the same pace than no one feels weird!

Lastly, there a golden rule between fellow wingmen to keep in mind. The first guy to open and talk to a group of girls gets to pick which one he wants to attract. If this means you have to talk to another less interesting girl from the group for an hour (a.k.

a. jumping on the grenade) so be it, you never ever leave your wingman! He will do the same for you! And no matter how hot or interesting the girl your friend is talking to you cannot go after her or try to steal her! There are plenty of hot interesting women in this world but your friends are your friends (a.k.

a. bros before hos)


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