The Types of Flower Businesses

Flowers play a major part in our life. Their delicate beauty allows us to convey messages to loved ones for all sorts of special occasions. If you love flowers and recognize its role in human relationships, you might want to start your own flower shop. The first step is to determine the kind of service you want to provide. There are three kinds of floral services: 1.

A wholesale florist supplies retailers with potted plants and fresh-cut flowers through flower markets or direct delivery to flower shops. Some wholesale florists grow their own flowers as well. This type of service will require years of knowledge, experience, and a larger capital.

One should be knowledgeable in the basics of maintaining fresh inventory and the supply chain involved in flower transport. A lot of commitment is involved in this type of floral business and this is recommended for more experienced entrepreneurs. 2.

A retail florist service is suitable for entrepreneurs who love flowers and love talking to clients. A florist does more than just sell flowers - they sell the art of arranging flowers. There are several ways to approach flower retailing. The key element is the skills and knowledge in floral design, arrangement, and care.

One of the most flexible characteristics this business is it allows you to set up shop in almost any type of location. Flower shops can be located in hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, or street stalls depending on your business objectives and available capital. It is also a good complimentary business to restaurants and gift shops. Retail florists also have the option to narrow down their products and services into niche categories for weddings, funerals, or gifts. 3.

A Floral products supplier sells complimentary items used by florists in making arrangements. This involves selling items such as vases, ribbons, floral foam, baskets, and other similar supplies. If you are the type of person that wants a flower related business but does not want to deal with the highly perishable nature of flowers, this may be the right business for you. This business type will require an extensive inventory management, distribution and delivery system.

In any type of flower business, expect your clients to ask many questions. You may need some basic knowledge in plant nutrition, soil, light control, and the like. You would be at a greater advantage if you have formal education in floriculture. If you do not have enough education or experience, get a feel for it by working for a flower related business before starting one on your own. In addition to this, remember that the location of your shop can make or break the business. It has to be placed in an area with enough walk-by and drive-by traffic, or at a location that's convenient for your customers.

Look at your budget and try to find the best location you can afford. Try to look out for spaces with parking facilities, space for future expansion, and good neighborhood quality. Just like any other business, you need understand how business works. Besides making innovative flower arrangements, you will need to know all about buying, selling, accounting, managing costs, planning profits, and marketing for your flower shop to succeed.

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