Top Ways to Be Seduce Women in Your Conversation

This may come as a surprise to you, but seducing women starts with your initial conversation. Instead of thinking about how to seduce a woman when you're alone, you should work hard to seduce her from the moment you meet her. That means you have to be a seducer the moment you start talking to a woman.

In the next few paragraphs, I'll reveal a few ideas on how to create a conversation with a woman that 'll put her under your seductive spell. Use a unique opener- Your initial approach can make or break your ability to seduce a woman. This means you HAVE to be original and interesting when you initiate a conversation.

In other words, you must be unique! In his famous book, Double Your Dating, David DeAngelo talks about how asking a woman's opinion on something is the BEST way to start talking to a woman. If you can make it something that'll attract her interest, you'll set yourself up for the seduction that will happen later. Ask good questions- Many guys think a conversation involves "interview" type questions like "Where are you from?" or "Where do you work?" Instead of doing this, you should ask interesting questions which she's never heard before. My best advice is to write down and memorize a bunch of questions which will spark a great conversation.

For instance, try thinking of questions like "What would you do if ___ happened to you?" or "What would you do if you won a million dollars?". Your chance of success with a woman depends on how fun and interesting you make your conversation. So make sure you're asking questions where you'll stand out from the crowd. Use cocky/funny and tease her- Another technique which David talks about is how to be cocky/funny with a woman. This technique emphasizes playfully teasing a woman while saying slightly arrogant comments.

Your goal is to keep on her toes while making her laugh at the same time. By being cocky/funny you'll create a personality which makes her wonder if you're *into* her. If she's not sure if you're into her, a woman will work hard for your interest. Talk about having sex- Bringing sexual innuendos into a conversation is a gateway towards actually doing it. What you do is bring up sex in a conversation in a GENERAL manner.

For instance, you could talk about the women on "Girls Gone Wild" and ask her opinion about it. As the conversation progresses, you can then ask if she's ever done something like that or if she's been filmed before. If you can pull this question off while being cocky/funny, you'll have successfully brought sex into a conversation without being creepy and weird. Now once sex is being openly discussed you can start working on your physical contact and then take things to the next level. By following these four seductive conversational tips, you'll find it becomes easy to bring things to a more intimate level. Just remember to approach with confidence and keep your conversation interesting.

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