Sex for sale over the internet

I have spent the past few years learning how sex is being sold over the internet. I have had real life experiences with men of all professional levels. I meant men of higher education. They run major companies from all over the USA and the World.

Men of all walks of life. But what they all have one thing in common, they are looking for on the internet for sex and beds sessions. It has open the pandora box that society doesn't want to know about. For I have seen sex for sale at high prices that the Chicago market is going. What once was the street walker line of work has taken on a new form of a quick encounter.

It's just a phone call away and with min tues to hours you can have what you desire meet you for the price that they are marketed at with in different sites.

In very business the sex industry has it's own language and offer many terms in which the girls put up quick sites to turn the quick dollars.

What once was look down upon has become a acceptable exchange of moral and experiences. What the other partner doesn't know will not hurt them. For the double lives these men live.

As a sexual sale the money becomes the main reason of working this industry. It can lead to drugs and drinking for some. What once was not morally correct. Then becomes blinded and you see the sex as a job to pay the bills and make a living.

Sex for sale comes in all shapes and sizes. For what one likes doesn't mean the next one well like. The sex market is multi billion dollar business. Sex is a desire of everyday function.

As it continues to grow it will become a market to which guidelines well be placed. Our freedom of self expression is going to be limited to what society wants to let others know about.

As I have to live with all my experiences and the nights I spent working. I have decided to leave the past behind and more forward.