1. Starting profiles or correspondence with "God, this is so hard! What do I say about myself?" If it's that hard, it doesn't bode well for the future…..

2. Beginning chat on sites with "Hi, do you fancy a chat?". Women often get inundated with correspondence, so something which stands out from the rest is needed.

3. Being overly sexual in tone at the very first exchange - "I'd love fish pie for dinner" is NOT the way to attract a lifelong mate.

4. Having a man completely ignore the profile you've spent hours preparing, and him writing "Wow! You're gorgeous, tell me about yourself and what you do" - it's fine to offer compliments, but there's a danger that she'll think you're just after her for her body if you don't do her the courtesy of reading her profile ( yeah, we know you're only interested in her body, but play the game a little! :)).

5. Being asked to say why you've declined the advances of a man who's ugly, with no personality or prospects, doing so under duress (politely of course) then him being pissed because he's been given the truth!.....if you can't stand the heat…..don't ask!!

6. Men who don't bother to write anything about themselves, don't post photos, then complain that they never get any responses from women - like what is she supposed to go on?

7. Men who don't bother to write anything about themselves, and expect women to "interview" them; "right, what do you want/need to know about me?" It's supposed to be fun guys, not about presenting for a job!

8. Cut-and-paste jobs…especially when the joins show!.

9. Being pestered after you've made it clear you aren't interested.

10. Being dumped with no explanation of what you did or said that was so wrong……